How To Protect Baby’s Eyes from the Sun

How to Protect Baby’s Eyes from the Sun: How to Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Harmful UV Rays.

Sun protection for eyelids

For those of us whose babies love the sun, sunscreen is a necessity. But what about the delicate skin on your baby’s eyelids? “People forget the eyelids,” says Dr. Nazarian.

The dangers posed by the sun are well documented: prolonged exposure can result in skin aging and sun-related cancer, while second and third-degree burns can cause organ damage. “According to Harvard Medical School, toxic sun exposure is the leading cause of premature death among American kids,” says Dr. Soo.

Beginning in their first years, your baby can begin taking steps to slow the aging process. Once your baby can sit up on their own — no stroller needed, though a pacifier helps — studies show that spending just an hour a day in the sun helps delay the signs of premature aging.

Sun protection for babies’ eyes

As a parent, you can protect your baby’s eyes in three easy steps: 1) By keeping the baby’s eyes covered. 2) Protect your baby’s eyes with sunglasses. 3) Sunscreen. Important note: if a baby’s doctor recommends using sunglasses to protect his eyes, do not argue with the doctor. To be clear: sunglasses are incredibly important to protect your baby’s eyes from UV radiations.

Eye protection when outdoors in the sun

It’s essential to protect your eyes from the sun. The sun’s UV rays can damage your baby’s eyes and can lead to serious eye diseases. Always make them wear sunglasses with UV protection when outdoors, even on cloudy days. Also, make them wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect their eyes.

In addition to that, after sunlight exposure immediately wash their skin with a soothing cleanser and apply moisturizer to keep their skin safe too.

Helpful tips for protecting your child’s eyes from the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your child’s eyes. Even on overcast days, UV rays can harm your child’s eyes. UV rays can enter through windows, cars, or just about anywhere your child is exposed to light. To protect your child’s eyes from the sun’s UV rays:If your child can stay indoors during the day, wear sunglasses in the sunlight. If your child can’t wear sunglasses, cover your child’s eyes with a hat, a scarf, or a soft hat.

Covering your child’s eyes with sunglasses until your child becomes used to the sun is recommended. Simply be aware of the sun’s effects on your child’s eyes over several weeks. It usually takes parents about 6 to 8 weeks before their child can afford to be outside without protection.

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